qualified reuse and recyclable materials

(3) Definitions For purposes of this subsection— (A) Reuse and recycling property (i) In general The term “reuse and recycling property” means any machinery and equipment (not including buildings or real estate), along with all appurtenances thereto, including software necessary to operate such equipment, which is used exclusively to collect, distribute, or recycle qualified reuse and recyclable materials. (ii) Exclusion Such term does not include rolling stock or other equipment used to transport reuse and recyclable materials. (B) Qualified reuse and recyclable materials (i) In general The term “qualified reuse and recyclable materials” means scrap plastic, scrap glass, scrap textiles, scrap rubber, scrap packaging, recovered fiber, scrap ferrous and nonferrous metals, or electronic scrap generated by an individual or business. (ii) Electronic scrap For purposes of clause (i), the term “electronic scrap” means— (I) any cathode ray tube, flat panel screen, or similar video display device with a screen size greater than 4 inches measured diagonally, or (II) any central processing unit. (C) Recycling or recycle The term “recycling” or “recycle” means that process (including sorting) by which worn or superfluous materials are manufactured or processed into specification grade commodities that are suitable for use as a replacement or substitute for virgin materials in manufacturing tangible consumer and commercial products, including packaging.


26 USC § 168(m)(3)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subsection
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