highly compensated employee

(A)The term “highly compensated employee” has the meaning given such term by section 414(q). (B)An employer may elect to designate— (i)2 or more trusts, (ii)1 or more trusts and 1 or more annuity plans, or (iii)2 or more annuity plans, (C) (i)If a person becomes, or ceases to be, a member of a group described in subsection (b), (c), (m), or (o) of section 414, then the requirements of this subsection shall be treated as having been met during the transition period with respect to any plan covering employees of such person or any other member of such group if— (I)such requirements were met immediately before each such change, and (II)the coverage under such plan is not significantly changed during the transition period (other than by reason of the change in members of a group) or such plan meets such other requirements as the Secretary may prescribe by regulation.


26 USC § 410(b)(6)(A)

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