qualified property

(4) Obligatory disbursement agreement For purposes of this subsection— (A) Definition The term “obligatory disbursement agreement” means an agreement (entered into by a person in the course of his trade or business) to make disbursements, but such an agreement shall be treated as coming within the term only to the extent of disbursements which are required to be made by reason of the intervention of the rights of a person other than the taxpayer. (B) Limitation on qualified property The term “qualified property”, when used with respect to an obligatory disbursement agreement, means property subject to the lien imposed by section 6321 at the time of tax lien filing and (to the extent that the acquisition is directly traceable to the disbursements referred to in subparagraph (A)) property acquired by the taxpayer after tax lien filing. (C) Special rules for surety agreements Where the obligatory disbursement agreement is an agreement ensuring the performance of a contract between the taxpayer and another person— (i) the term “qualified property” shall be treated as also including the proceeds of the contract the performance of which was ensured, and (ii) if the contract the performance of which was ensured was a contract to construct or improve real property, to produce goods, or to furnish services, the term “qualified property” shall be treated as also including any tangible personal property used by the taxpayer in the performance of such ensured contract.


26 USC § 6323(c)(4)

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For purposes of this subsection
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