exempt amount

(A)In the case of any taxable year in which the exemption amount underis zero, paragraph (2) shall not apply and for purposes of paragraph (1) the term “exempt amount” means an amount equal to— (i)the sum of the amount determined under subparagraph (B) and the standard deduction, divided by (ii)52. (B)For purposes of subparagraph (A), the amount determined under this subparagraph is $4,150 multiplied by the number of the taxpayer’s dependents for the taxable year in which the levy occurs. (C)In the case of any taxable year beginning in a calendar year after 2018, the $4,150 amount in subparagraph (B) shall be increased by an amount equal to— (i)such dollar amount, multiplied by (ii)the cost-of-living adjustment determined under section 1(f)(3) for the calendar year in which the taxable year begins, determined by substituting “2017” for “2016” in subparagraph (A)(ii) thereof. (D)Unless the taxpayer submits to the Secretary a written and properly verified statement specifying the facts necessary to determine the proper amount under subparagraph (A), subparagraph (A) shall be applied as if the taxpayer were a married individual filing a separate return with no dependents. (e)


26 USC § 6334(d)(4)(A)

Scoping language

for purposes of paragraph
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