rents from real property

(6) Special rule for certain property subleased by tenant of real estate investment trusts (A) In general If— (i) a real estate investment trust receives or accrues, with respect to real or personal property, amounts from a tenant which derives substantially all of its income with respect to such property from the subleasing of substantially all of such property, and (ii) a portion of the amount such tenant receives or accrues, directly or indirectly, from subtenants consists of qualified rents, then the amounts which the trust receives or accrues from the tenant shall not be excluded from the term “rents from real property” by reason of being based on the income or profits of such tenant to the extent the amounts so received or accrued are attributable to qualified rents received or accrued by such tenant. (B) Qualified rents For purposes of subparagraph (A), the term “qualified rents” means any amount which would be treated as rents from real property if received by the real estate investment trust.


26 USC § 856(d)(6)

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