tax-increase date

(1) In general (A) In general If, on any tax-increase date, any ozone-depleting chemical is held by any person (other than the manufacturer, producer, or importer thereof) for sale or for use in further manufacture, there is hereby imposed a floor stocks tax. (B) Amount of tax The amount of the tax imposed by subparagraph (A) shall be the excess (if any) of— (i) the tax which would be imposed under section 4681 on such substance if the sale of such chemical by the manufacturer, producer, or importer thereof had occurred on the tax-increase date, over (ii) the prior tax (if any) imposed by this subchapter on such substance. (C) Tax-increase date For purposes of this paragraph, the term “tax-increase date” means January 1 of any calendar year.


26 USC § 4682(h)(1)

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For purposes of this paragraph
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