qualifying insurance company

(3) Qualifying insurance company The term “qualifying insurance company” means any controlled foreign corporation which— (A) is subject to regulation as an insurance (or reinsurance) company by its home country, and is licensed, authorized, or regulated by the applicable insurance regulatory body for its home country to sell insurance, reinsurance, or annuity contracts to persons other than related persons (within the meaning of section 954(d)(3) ) in such home country, (B) derives more than 50 percent of its aggregate net written premiums from the issuance or reinsurance by such controlled foreign corporation and each of its qualifying insurance company branches of contracts— (i) covering applicable home country risks (as defined in paragraph (2)) of such corporation or branch, as the case may be, and (ii) with respect to which no policyholder, insured, annuitant, or beneficiary is a related person (as defined in section 954(d)(3) ), except that in the case of a branch, such premiums shall only be taken into account to the extent such premiums are treated as earned by such branch in its home country for purposes of such country’s tax laws, and (C) is engaged in the insurance business and would be subject to tax under subchapter L if it were a domestic corporation.


26 USC § 953(e)(3)

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