(vii)For purposes of clauses (ii) and (iii), the term “securities” includes obligations of State and local governments, commodity futures contracts, shares of regulated investment companies and real estate investment trusts, and other investments constituting a security within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940 (15 U.S.C. 80a–2(a)(36)). [(viii)Repealed.Pub. L. 98–369, div. A, title I, § 174(b)(5)(D),,98 Stat. 707] (G) (i)A transaction shall fail to meet the requirements of paragraph (1)(C) unless the acquired corporation distributes the stock, securities, and other properties it receives, as well as its other properties, in pursuance of the plan of reorganization. For purposes of the preceding sentence, if the acquired corporation is liquidated pursuant to the plan of reorganization, any distribution to its creditors in connection with such liquidation shall be treated as pursuant to the plan of reorganization. (ii)The Secretary may waive the application of clause (i) to any transaction subject to any conditions the Secretary may prescribe. (H)For purposes of determining whether a transaction qualifies under paragraph (1)(D)—


26 USC § 368(a)(2)(F)(vii)

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