qualified rehabilitated building

(1) Qualified rehabilitated building (A) In general The term “qualified rehabilitated building” means any building (and its structural components) if— (i) such building has been substantially rehabilitated, (ii) such building was placed in service before the beginning of the rehabilitation, (iii) such building is a certified historic structure, and (iv) depreciation (or amortization in lieu of depreciation) is allowable with respect to such building. (B) Substantially rehabilitated defined (i) In general For purposes of subparagraph (A)(i), a building shall be treated as having been substantially rehabilitated only if the qualified rehabilitation expenditures during the 24-month period selected by the taxpayer (at the time and in the manner prescribed by regulation) and ending with or within the taxable year exceed the greater of— (I) the adjusted basis of such building (and its structural components), or (II) $5,000. The adjusted basis of the building (and its structural components) shall be determined as of the beginning of the 1st day of such 24-month period, or of the holding period of the building, whichever is later. For purposes of the preceding sentence, the determination of the beginning of the holding period shall be made without regard to any reconstruction by the taxpayer in connection with the rehabilitation. (ii) Special rule for phased rehabilitation In the case of any rehabilitation which may reasonably be expected to be completed in phases set forth in architectural plans and specifications completed before the rehabilitation begins, clause (i) shall be applied by substituting “60-month period” for “24-month period”. (iii) Lessees The Secretary shall prescribe by regulation rules for applying this subparagraph to lessees. (C) Reconstruction Rehabilitation includes reconstruction.


26 USC § 47(c)(1)

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