qualified severance

(3) Severing of trusts (A) In general If a trust is severed in a qualified severance, the trusts resulting from such severance shall be treated as separate trusts thereafter for purposes of this chapter. (B) Qualified severance For purposes of subparagraph (A)— (i) In general The term “qualified severance” means the division of a single trust and the creation (by any means available under the governing instrument or under local law) of two or more trusts if— (I) the single trust was divided on a fractional basis, and (II) the terms of the new trusts, in the aggregate, provide for the same succession of interests of beneficiaries as are provided in the original trust. (ii) Trusts with inclusion ratio greater than zero If a trust has an inclusion ratio of greater than zero and less than 1, a severance is a qualified severance only if the single trust is divided into two trusts, one of which receives a fractional share of the total value of all trust assets equal to the applicable fraction of the single trust immediately before the severance. In such case, the trust receiving such fractional share shall have an inclusion ratio of zero and the other trust shall have an inclusion ratio of 1. (iii) Regulations The term “qualified severance” includes any other severance permitted under regulations prescribed by the Secretary. (C) Timing and manner of severances A severance pursuant to this paragraph may be made at any time. The Secretary shall prescribe by forms or regulations the manner in which the qualified severance shall be reported to the Secretary.


26 USC § 2642(a)(3)

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for purposes of this chapter
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