qualified dividend income

(i)The term “qualified dividend income” means dividends received during the taxable year from— (I)domestic corporations, and (II)qualified foreign corporations. (ii)Such term shall not include— (I)any dividend from a corporation which for the taxable year of the corporation in which the distribution is made, or the preceding taxable year, is a corporation exempt from tax underor 521, (II)any amount allowed as a deduction under section 591 (relating to deduction for dividends paid by mutual savings banks, etc.), and (III)any dividend described in section 404(k). (iii)Such term shall not include any dividend on any share of stock— (I)with respect to which the holding period requirements ofare not met (determined by substituting in section 246(c) “60 days” for “45 days” each place it appears and by substituting “121-day period” for “91-day period”), or (II)to the extent that the taxpayer is under an obligation (whether pursuant to a short sale or otherwise) to make related payments with respect to positions in substantially similar or related property. (C)


26 USC § 1(h)(11)(B)(i)

Scoping language

For purposes of this paragraph
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