eligible individual

(1) Eligible individual (A) In general The term “eligible individual” means, with respect to any month, any individual if— (i) such individual is covered under a high deductible health plan as of the 1st day of such month, and (ii) such individual is not, while covered under a high deductible health plan, covered under any health plan— (I) which is not a high deductible health plan, and (II) which provides coverage for any benefit which is covered under the high deductible health plan. (B) Certain coverage disregarded Subparagraph (A)(ii) shall be applied without regard to— (i) coverage for any benefit provided by permitted insurance, (ii) coverage (whether through insurance or otherwise) for accidents, disability, dental care, vision care, long-term care, or (in the case of plan years beginning on or before December 31, 2021 ) telehealth and other remote care, and (iii) for taxable years beginning after December 31, 2006 , coverage under a health flexible spending arrangement during any period immediately following the end of a plan year of such arrangement during which unused benefits or contributions remaining at the end of such plan year may be paid or reimbursed to plan participants for qualified benefit expenses incurred during such period if— (I) the balance in such arrangement at the end of such plan year is zero, or (II) the individual is making a qualified HSA distribution (as defined in section 106(e)) in an amount equal to the remaining balance in such arrangement as of the end of such plan year, in accordance with rules prescribed by the Secretary. (C) Special rule for individuals eligible for certain veterans benefits An individual shall not fail to be treated as an eligible individual for any period merely because the individual receives hospital care or medical services under any law administered by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs for a service-connected disability (within the meaning of section 101(16) of title 38 , United States Code).


26 USC § 223(c)(1)

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