related person

(2) Exceptions Except as provided in regulations, the term “passive income” does not include any income— (A) derived in the active conduct of a banking business by an institution licensed to do business as a bank in the United States (or, to the extent provided in regulations, by any other corporation), (B) derived in the active conduct of an insurance business by a qualifying insurance corporation (as defined in subsection (f)), (C) which is interest, a dividend, or a rent or royalty, which is received or accrued from a related person (within the meaning of section 954(d)(3) ) to the extent such amount is properly allocable (under regulations prescribed by the Secretary) to income of such related person which is not passive income, or (D) which is export trade income of an export trade corporation (as defined in section 971 ). For purposes of subparagraph (C), the term “related person” has the meaning given such term by section 954(d)(3) determined by substituting “foreign corporation” for “controlled foreign corporation” each place it appears in section 954(d)(3).


26 USC § 1297(b)(2)

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