(4) Treatment of amounts held pursuant to certain insurance contracts (A) In general Notwithstanding paragraph (3)(C), the term “fund” shall not include amounts held by an insurance company pursuant to an insurance contract if— (i) such contract is a life insurance contract described in section 264(a)(1), or (ii) such contract is a qualified nonguaranteed contract. (B) Qualified nonguaranteed contract (i) In general For purposes of this paragraph, the term “qualified nonguaranteed contract” means any insurance contract (including a reasonable premium stabilization reserve held thereunder) if— (I) there is no guarantee of a renewal of such contract, and (II) other than insurance protection, the only payments to which the employer or employees are entitled are experience rated refunds or policy dividends which are not guaranteed and which are determined by factors other than the amount of welfare benefits paid to (or on behalf of) the employees of the employer or their beneficiaries. (ii) Limitation In the case of any qualified nonguaranteed contract, subparagraph (A) shall not apply unless the amount of any experience rated refund or policy dividend payable to an employer with respect to a policy year is treated by the employer as received or accrued in the taxable year in which the policy year ends.


26 USC § 419(e)(4)

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