applicable government payment

(8) Levies on certain government payments (A) Disclosure of return information in levies on Financial Management Service In serving a notice of levy, or release of such levy, with respect to any applicable government payment, the Secretary may disclose to officers and employees of the Financial Management Service— (i) return information, including taxpayer identity information, (ii) the amount of any unpaid liability under this title (including penalties and interest), and (iii) the type of tax and tax period to which such unpaid liability relates. (B) Restriction on use of disclosed information Return information disclosed under subparagraph (A) may be used by officers and employees of the Financial Management Service only for the purpose of, and to the extent necessary in, transferring levied funds in satisfaction of the levy, maintaining appropriate agency records in regard to such levy or the release thereof, notifying the taxpayer and the agency certifying such payment that the levy has been honored, or in the defense of any litigation ensuing from the honor of such levy. (C) Applicable government payment For purposes of this paragraph, the term “applicable government payment” means— (i) any Federal payment (other than a payment for which eligibility is based on the income or assets (or both) of a payee) certified to the Financial Management Service for disbursement, and (ii) any other payment which is certified to the Financial Management Service for disbursement and which the Secretary designates by published notice.


26 USC § 6103(k)(8)

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