specified Federal payment

(1) Certain Federal payments (A) In general If, at the time a specified Federal payment is made to any person, a request by such person is in effect that such payment be subject to withholding under this chapter, then for purposes of this chapter and so much of subtitle F as relates to this chapter, such payment shall be treated as if it were a payment of wages by an employer to an employee. (B) Amount withheld The amount to be deducted and withheld under this chapter from any payment to which any request under subparagraph (A) applies shall be an amount equal to the percentage of such payment specified in such request. Such a request shall apply to any payment only if the percentage specified is 7 percent, any percentage applicable to any of the 3 lowest income brackets in the table under section 1(c), 1 or such other percentage as is permitted under regulations prescribed by the Secretary. (C) Specified Federal payments For purposes of this paragraph, the term “specified Federal payment” means— (i) any payment of a social security benefit (as defined in section 86(d) ), (ii) any payment referred to in the second sentence of section 451(d) 1 which is treated as insurance proceeds, (iii) any amount which is includible in gross income under section 77(a), and (iv) any other payment made pursuant to Federal law which is specified by the Secretary for purposes of this paragraph. (D) Requests for withholding Rules similar to the rules that apply to annuities under subsection (o)(4) shall apply to requests under this paragraph and paragraph (2).


26 USC § 3402(p)(1)

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