prohibited payment

(5) Prohibited payment For purpose of this subsection, the term “prohibited payment” means— (A) any payment, in excess of the monthly amount paid under a single life annuity (plus any social security supplements described in the last sentence of section 411(a)(9) ), to a participant or beneficiary whose annuity starting date (as defined in section 417(f)(2)) occurs during any period a limitation under paragraph (1) or (2) is in effect, (B) any payment for the purchase of an irrevocable commitment from an insurer to pay benefits, and (C) any other payment specified by the Secretary by regulations. Such term shall not include the payment of a benefit which under section 411(a)(11) may be immediately distributed without the consent of the participant.


26 USC § 436(d)(5)

Scoping language

For purpose of this subsection
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