qualified fuel cell property

(1) Qualified fuel cell property (A) In general The term “qualified fuel cell property” means a fuel cell power plant which— (i) has a nameplate capacity of at least 0.5 kilowatt (1 kilowatt in the case of a fuel cell power plant with a linear generator assembly) of electricity using an electrochemical or electromechanical process, and (ii) has an electricity-only generation efficiency greater than 30 percent. (B) Limitation In the case of qualified fuel cell property placed in service during the taxable year, the credit otherwise determined under subsection (a) for such year with respect to such property shall not exceed an amount equal to $1,500 for each 0.5 kilowatt of capacity of such property. (C) Fuel cell power plant The term “fuel cell power plant” means an integrated system comprised of a fuel cell stack assembly, or linear generator assembly, and associated balance of plant components which converts a fuel into electricity using electrochemical or electromechanical means. (D) Linear generator assembly The term “linear generator assembly” does not include any assembly which contains rotating parts. (E) Termination The term “qualified fuel cell property” shall not include any property the construction of which does not begin before January 1, 2025 .


26 USC § 48(c)(1)

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