noncompliance period

(2) Noncompliance period For purposes of this section, the term “noncompliance period” means, with respect to any failure, the period— (A) beginning on the date such failure first occurs, and (B) ending on the earlier of— (i) the date such failure is corrected, or (ii) the date which is 6 months after the last day in the period applicable to the qualified beneficiary under subsection (f)(2)(B) (determined without regard to clause (iii) thereof). If a person is liable for tax under subsection (e)(1)(B) by reason of subsection (e)(2)(B) with respect to any failure, the noncompliance period for such person with respect to such failure shall not begin before the 45th day after the written request described in subsection (e)(2)(B) is provided to such person.


26 USC § 4980B(b)(2)

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For purposes of this section
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