contract year

(i)The term “contract year” means any taxable year for which income is taken into account under the contract. (ii)The look-back income (or loss) is the amount which would be the taxable income (or loss) under the contract if the allocation method set forth in paragraph (2)(A) were used in determining taxable income. (iii)The amounts taken into account after the completion of the contract shall be determined without regard to any discounting under the 2nd sentence of paragraph (2). (D)This paragraph shall only apply if the taxpayer makes an election under this subparagraph. Unless revoked with the consent of the Secretary, such an election shall apply to all long-term contracts completed during the taxable year for which election is made or during any subsequent taxable year.


26 USC § 460(b)(6)(C)(i)

Scoping language

For purposes of this paragraph
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