political expenditure

(2) Certain other expenditures included In the case of an organization which is formed primarily for purposes of promoting the candidacy (or prospective candidacy) of an individual for public office (or which is effectively controlled by a candidate or prospective candidate and which is availed of primarily for such purposes), the term “political expenditure” includes any of the following amounts paid or incurred by the organization: (A) Amounts paid or incurred to such individual for speeches or other services. (B) Travel expenses of such individual. (C) Expenses of conducting polls, surveys, or other studies, or preparing papers or other materials, for use by such individual. (D) Expenses of advertising, publicity, and fundraising for such individual. (E) Any other expense which has the primary effect of promoting public recognition, or otherwise primarily accruing to the benefit, of such individual.


26 USC § 4955(d)(2)

Scoping language

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