excess aggregate contributions

(6) Plan not disqualified if excess aggregate contributions distributed before end of following plan year (A) In general A plan shall not be treated as failing to meet the requirements of paragraph (1) for any plan year if, before the close of the following plan year, the amount of the excess aggregate contributions for such plan year (and any income allocable to such contributions through the end of such year) is distributed (or, if forfeitable, is forfeited). Such contributions (and such income) may be distributed without regard to any other provision of law. (B) Excess aggregate contributions For purposes of subparagraph (A), the term “excess aggregate contributions” means, with respect to any plan year, the excess of— (i) the aggregate amount of the matching contributions and employee contributions (and any qualified nonelective contribution or elective contribution taken into account in computing the contribution percentage) actually made on behalf of highly compensated employees for such plan year, over (ii) the maximum amount of such contributions permitted under the limitations of paragraph (2)(A) (determined by reducing contributions made on behalf of highly compensated employees in order of their contribution percentages beginning with the highest of such percentages). (C) Method of distributing excess aggregate contributions Any distribution of the excess aggregate contributions for any plan year shall be made to highly compensated employees on the basis of the amount of contributions on behalf of, or by, each such employee. Forfeitures of excess aggregate contributions may not be allocated to participants whose contributions are reduced under this paragraph. (D) Coordination with subsection (k) and 402(g) The determination of the amount of excess aggregate contributions with respect to a plan shall be made after— (i) first determining the excess deferrals (within the meaning of section 402(g) ), and (ii) then determining the excess contributions under subsection (k).


26 USC § 401(m)(6)

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