deferred net tax liability

(7) Annual reporting of net tax liability (A) In general Any shareholder of an S corporation which makes an election under paragraph (1) shall report the amount of such shareholder’s deferred net tax liability on such shareholder’s return of tax for the taxable year for which such election is made and on the return of tax for each taxable year thereafter until such amount has been fully assessed on such returns. (B) Deferred net tax liability For purposes of this paragraph, the term “deferred net tax liability” means, with respect to any taxable year, the amount of net tax liability payment of which has been deferred under paragraph (1) and which has not been assessed on a return of tax for any prior taxable year. (C) Failure to report In the case of any failure to report any amount required to be reported under subparagraph (A) with respect to any taxable year before the due date for the return of tax for such taxable year, there shall be assessed on such return as an addition to tax 5 percent of such amount.


26 USC § 965(i)(7)

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