qualified foreign contract

(3) Certain contracts issued by foreign branches of domestic life insurance companies (A) In general In the case of any qualified foreign contract, the amount of the reserve shall be not less than the minimum reserve required by the laws, regulations, or administrative guidance of the regulatory authority of the foreign country referred to in subparagraph (B) (but not to exceed the net level reserves for such contract). (B) Qualified foreign contract For purposes of subparagraph (A), the term “qualified foreign contract” means any contract issued by a foreign life insurance branch (which has its principal place of business in a foreign country) of a domestic life insurance company if— (i) such contract is issued on the life or health of a resident of such country, (ii) such domestic life insurance company was required by such foreign country (as of the time it began operations in such country) to operate in such country through a branch, and (iii) such foreign country is not contiguous to the United States.


26 USC § 807(e)(3)

Scoping language

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