OASDI overpayment

(3) Treatment of OASDI overpayments (A) Requirements Paragraph (1) shall apply with respect to an OASDI overpayment only if the requirements of paragraphs (1) and (2) of section 3720A(f) of title 31 , United States Code, are met with respect to such overpayment. (B) Notice; protection of other persons filing joint return (i) Notice In the case of a debt consisting of an OASDI overpayment, if the Secretary determines upon receipt of the notice referred to in paragraph (1) that the refund from which the reduction described in paragraph (1)(A) would be made is based upon a joint return, the Secretary shall— (I) notify each taxpayer filing such joint return that the reduction is being made from a refund based upon such return, and (II) include in such notification a description of the procedures to be followed, in the case of a joint return, to protect the share of the refund which may be payable to another person. (ii) Adjustments based on protections given to other taxpayers on joint return If the other person filing a joint return with the person owing the OASDI overpayment takes appropriate action to secure his or her proper share of the refund subject to reduction under this subsection, the Secretary shall pay such share to such other person. The Secretary shall deduct the amount of such payment from amounts which are derived from subsequent reductions in refunds under this subsection and are payable to a trust fund referred to in subparagraph (C). (C) Deposit of amount of reduction into appropriate trust fund In lieu of payment, pursuant to paragraph (1)(B), of the amount of any reduction under this subsection to the Commissioner of Social Security, the Secretary shall deposit such amount in the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund or the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund, whichever is certified to the Secretary as appropriate by the Commissioner of Social Security. (D) OASDI overpayment For purposes of this paragraph, the term “OASDI overpayment” means any overpayment of benefits made to an individual under title II of the Social Security Act.


26 USC § 6402(d)(3)

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