individual income tax return

(3) Special rule for tax return preparers (A) In general The Secretary shall require that any individual income tax return prepared by a tax return preparer be filed on magnetic media if— (i) such return is filed by such tax return preparer, and (ii) such tax return preparer is a specified tax return preparer for the calendar year during which such return is filed. (B) Specified tax return preparer For purposes of this paragraph, the term “specified tax return preparer” means, with respect to any calendar year, any tax return preparer unless such preparer reasonably expects to file 10 or fewer individual income tax returns during such calendar year. (C) Individual income tax return For purposes of this paragraph, the term “individual income tax return” means any return of the tax imposed by subtitle A on individuals, estates, or trusts. (D) Exception for certain preparers located in areas without internet access The Secretary may waive the requirement of subparagraph (A) if the Secretary determines, on the basis of an application by the tax return preparer, that the preparer cannot meet such requirement by reason of being located in a geographic area which does not have access to internet service (other than dial-up or satellite service).


26 USC § 6011(e)(3)

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