controlled group

(B)For purposes of paragraph (4), in the case of a controlled group, the 6,000,000 barrel quantity specified in paragraph (1)(C)(i) shall be applied to the controlled group and apportioned among the members of such group in such manner as the Secretary shall by regulations prescribe. For purposes of the preceding sentence, the term “controlled group” has the meaning given such term under subparagraph (A). Under regulations prescribed by the Secretary, principles similar to the principles of the preceding two sentences shall be applied to a group of brewers under common control where one or more of the brewers is not a corporation. (C)Pursuant to rules issued by the Secretary, two or more entities (whether or not under common control) that produce beer marketed under a similar brand, license, franchise, or other arrangement shall be treated as a single taxpayer for purposes of the application of this subsection. (b)Nothing contained in this subpart or subchapter G shall be construed to authorize an assessment on the quantity of materials used in producing or purchased for the purpose of producing beer, nor shall the quantity of materials so used or purchased be evidence, for the purpose of taxation, of the quantity of beer produced; but the tax on all beer shall be paid as provided in section 5054, and not otherwise; except that this subsection shall not apply to cases of fraud, and nothing in this subsection shall have the effect to change the rules of law respecting evidence in any prosecution or suit. (c)The production of any beer at any place in the United States shall be subject to tax at the rate prescribed in subsection (a) and such tax shall be due and payable as provided inunless—


26 USC § 5051(a)(5)(B)

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