noncontrolling shareholder

(4) Treatment of subpart F income (A) In general Any amounts required to be included in gross income under section 951(a) (and credits properly allocable thereto) shall be taken into account in computing any annualized income installment under paragraph (2) in a manner similar to the manner under which partnership income inclusions (and credits properly allocable thereto) are taken into account. (B) Prior year safe harbor (i) In general If a taxpayer elects to have this subparagraph apply for any taxable year— (I) subparagraph (A) shall not apply, and (II) for purposes of computing any annualized income installment for such taxable year, the taxpayer shall be treated as having received ratably during such taxable year items of income and credit described in subparagraph (A) in an amount equal to 115 percent of the amount of such items shown on the return of the taxpayer for the preceding taxable year (the second preceding taxable year in the case of the first and second required installments for such taxable year). (ii) Special rule for noncontrolling shareholder (I) In general If a taxpayer making the election under clause (i) is a noncontrolling shareholder of a corporation, clause (i)(II) shall be applied with respect to items of such corporation by substituting “100 percent” for “115 percent”. (II) Noncontrolling shareholder For purposes of subclause (I), the term “noncontrolling shareholder” means, with respect to any corporation, a shareholder which (as of the beginning of the taxable year for which the installment is being made) does not own (within the meaning of section 958(a)), and is not treated as owning (within the meaning of section 958(b)), more than 50 percent (by vote or value) of the stock in the corporation.


26 USC § 6655(e)(4)

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