cooperative housing corporation

(8) Cooperative housing corporations (A) In general In the case of any cooperative housing corporation— (i) each dwelling unit shall be treated as if it were actually owned by the person entitled to occupy such dwelling unit by reason of his ownership of stock in the corporation, and (ii) any indebtedness of the corporation allocable to the dwelling unit shall be treated as if it were indebtedness of the shareholder entitled to occupy the dwelling unit. (B) Adjustment to targeted area requirement In the case of any issue to provide financing to a cooperative housing corporation with respect to cooperative housing not located in a targeted area, to the extent provided in regulations, such issue may be combined with 1 or more other issues for purposes of determining whether the requirements of subsection (h) are met. (C) Cooperative housing corporation The term “cooperative housing corporation” has the meaning given to such term by section 216(b)(1).


26 USC § 143(k)(8)

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