(2) For purposes of subsections (b) and (d)— (A) the term “property” includes only stocks and securities (including stocks and securities dealt with on a “when issued” basis), and commodity futures, which are capital assets in the hands of the taxpayer, but does not include any position to which section 1092(b) applies; (B) in the case of futures transactions in any commodity on or subject to the rules of a board of trade or commodity exchange, a commodity future requiring delivery in 1 calendar month shall not be considered as property substantially identical to another commodity future requiring delivery in a different calendar month; (C) in the case of a short sale of property by an individual, the term “taxpayer”, in the application of this subsection and subsections (b) and (d), shall be read as “taxpayer or his spouse”; but an individual who is legally separated from the taxpayer under a decree of divorce or of separate maintenance shall not be considered as the spouse of the taxpayer; (D) a securities futures contract (as defined in section 1234B ) to acquire substantially identical property shall be treated as substantially identical property; and (E) entering into a securities futures contract (as so defined) to sell shall be considered to be a short sale, and the settlement of such contract shall be considered to be the closing of such short sale.


26 USC § 1233(e)(2)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (part IV) of this section.
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