mass killings

(1) General permitted uses .— Funds available to the Attorney General (i.e., all funds available to carry out the activities described in subsection (a)) may be used, without limitation, for the following: (A) The purchase, lease, maintenance, and operation of passenger motor vehicles, or police-type motor vehicles for law enforcement purposes, without regard to general purchase price limitation for the then-current fiscal year. (B) The purchase of insurance for motor vehicles, boats, and aircraft operated in official Government business in foreign countries. (C) Services of experts and consultants, including private counsel, as authorized by section 3109 of title 5 , and at rates of pay for individuals not to exceed the maximum daily rate payable from time to time under section 5332 of title 5 . (D) Official reception and representation expenses (i.e., official expenses of a social nature intended in whole or in predominant part to promote goodwill toward the Department or its missions, but excluding expenses of public tours of facilities of the Department of Justice), in accordance with distributions and procedures established, and rules issued, by the Attorney General, and expenses of public tours of facilities of the Department of Justice. (E) Unforeseen emergencies of a confidential character, to be expended under the direction of the Attorney General and accounted for solely on the certificate of the Attorney General. (F) Miscellaneous and emergency expenses authorized or approved by the Attorney General, the Deputy Attorney General, the Associate Attorney General, or the Assistant Attorney General for Administration. (G) In accordance with procedures established and rules issued by the Attorney General— (i) attendance at meetings and seminars; (ii) conferences and training; and (iii) advances of public moneys under section 3324 of title 31 : Provided, That travel advances of such moneys to law enforcement personnel engaged in undercover activity shall be considered to be public money for purposes of section 3527 of title 31 . (H) Contracting with individuals for personal services abroad, except that such individuals shall not be regarded as employees of the United States for the purpose of any law administered by the Office of Personnel Management. (I) Payment of interpreters and translators who are not citizens of the United States, in accordance with procedures established and rules issued by the Attorney General. (J) Expenses or allowances for uniforms as authorized by section 5901 of title 5 , but without regard to the general purchase price limitation for the then-current fiscal year. (K) Expenses of— (i) primary and secondary schooling for dependents of personnel stationed outside the United States at cost not in excess of those authorized by the Department of Defense for the same area, when it is determined by the Attorney General that schools available in the locality are unable to provide adequately for the education of such dependents; and (ii) transportation of those dependents between their place of residence and schools serving the area which those dependents would normally attend when the Attorney General, under such regulations as he may prescribe, determines that such schools are not accessible by public means of transportation. (L) payment of rewards (i.e., payments pursuant to public advertisements for assistance to the Department of Justice), in accordance with procedures and regulations established or issued by the Attorney General: Provided , That— (i) no such reward shall exceed $3,000,000, unless— (I) the reward is to combat domestic terrorism or international terrorism (as defined in section 2331 of title 18 ); or (II) a statute should authorize a higher amount; (ii) no such reward of $250,000 or more may be made or offered without the personal approval of either the Attorney General or the President; (iii) the Attorney General shall give written notice to the Chairmen and ranking minority members of the Committees on Appropriations and the Judiciary of the Senate and of the House of Representatives not later than 30 days after the approval of a reward under clause (ii); (iv) any executive agency or military department (as defined, respectively, in sections 105 and 102 of title 5) may provide the Attorney General with funds for the payment of rewards; and (v) neither the failure of the Attorney General to authorize a payment nor the amount authorized shall be subject to judicial review. (M) (i) At the request of an appropriate law enforcement official of a State or political subdivision, the Attorney General may assist in the investigation of violent acts and shootings occurring in a place of public use and in the investigation of mass killings and attempted mass killings. Any assistance provided under this subparagraph shall be presumed to be within the scope of Federal office or employment. (i) For purposes of this subparagraph— (I) the term “mass killings” means 3 or more killings in a single incident; and (II) the term “place of public use” has the meaning given that term under section 2332f(e)(6) of title 18 , United States Code.


28 USC § 530C(b)(1)

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