enrolled actuary

(4) (A) The administrator of an employee pension benefit plan subject to the reporting requirement of subsection (d) of this section shall engage, on behalf of all plan participants, an enrolled actuary who shall be responsible for the preparation of the materials comprising the actuarial statement required under subsection (d) of this section. In a case where a plan is not required to file an annual report, the requirement of this paragraph shall not apply, and, in a case where by reason of section 1024(a)(2) of this title , a plan is required only to file a simplified report, the Secretary may waive the requirement of this paragraph. (B) The enrolled actuary shall utilize such assumptions and techniques as are necessary to enable him to form an opinion as to whether the contents of the matters reported under subsection (d) of this section— (i) are in the aggregate reasonably related to the experience of the plan and to reasonable expectations; and (ii) represent his best estimate of anticipated experience under the plan. The opinion by the enrolled actuary shall be made with respect to, and shall be made a part of, each annual report. (C) For purposes of this subchapter, the term “enrolled actuary” means an actuary enrolled under subtitle C of subchapter II of this chapter. (D) In making a certification under this section the enrolled actuary may rely on the correctness of any accounting matter under subsection (b) to which any qualified public accountant has expressed an opinion, if he so states his reliance.


29 USC § 1023(a)(4)

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For purposes of this subchapter
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