rapid response activity

(51) Rapid response activity The term “rapid response activity” means an activity provided by a State, or by an entity designated by a State, with funds provided by the State under section 3174(a)(1)(A) of this title , in the case of a permanent closure or mass layoff at a plant, facility, or enterprise, or a natural or other disaster, that results in mass job dislocation, in order to assist dislocated workers in obtaining reemployment as soon as possible, with services including— (A) the establishment of onsite contact with employers and employee representatives— (i) immediately after the State is notified of a current or projected permanent closure or mass layoff; or (ii) in the case of a disaster, immediately after the State is made aware of mass job dislocation as a result of such disaster; (B) the provision of information on and access to available employment and training activities; (C) assistance in establishing a labor-management committee, voluntarily agreed to by labor and management, with the ability to devise and implement a strategy for assessing the employment and training needs of dislocated workers and obtaining services to meet such needs; (D) the provision of emergency assistance adapted to the particular closure, layoff, or disaster; and (E) the provision of assistance to the local community in developing a coordinated response and in obtaining access to State economic development assistance.


29 USC § 3102(51)

Scoping language

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