on-the-job training

(44) On-the-job training The term “on-the-job training” means training by an employer that is provided to a paid participant while engaged in productive work in a job that— (A) provides knowledge or skills essential to the full and adequate performance of the job; (B) is made available through a program that provides reimbursement to the employer of up to 50 percent of the wage rate of the participant, except as provided in section 3174(c)(3)(H) of this title , for the extraordinary costs of providing the training and additional supervision related to the training; and (C) is limited in duration as appropriate to the occupation for which the participant is being trained, taking into account the content of the training, the prior work experience of the participant, and the service strategy of the participant, as appropriate.


29 USC § 3102(44)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (chapter 32) of this section.
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