ongoing support services

(27) Ongoing support services The term “ongoing support services” means services— (A) provided to individuals with the most significant disabilities; (B) provided, at a minimum, twice monthly— (i) to make an assessment, regarding the employment situation, at the worksite of each such individual in supported employment, or, under special circumstances, especially at the request of the client, off site; and (ii) based on the assessment, to provide for the coordination or provision of specific intensive services, at or away from the worksite, that are needed to maintain employment stability; and (C) consisting of— (i) a particularized assessment supplementary to the comprehensive assessment described in paragraph (2)(B); (ii) the provision of skilled job trainers who accompany the individual for intensive job skill training at the worksite; (iii) job development, job retention, and placement services; (iv) social skills training; (v) regular observation or supervision of the individual; (vi) followup services such as regular contact with the employers, the individuals, the individuals’ representatives, and other appropriate individuals, in order to reinforce and stabilize the job placement; (vii) facilitation of natural supports at the worksite; (viii) any other service identified in section 723 of this title ; or (ix) a service similar to another service described in this subparagraph.


29 USC § 705(27)

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