specified item or service

(2) Authority to modify timing requirements in the case of specified items and services (A) In general In the case of a participant or beneficiary scheduled to receive an item or service that is a specified item or service (as defined in subparagraph (B)), the Secretary may modify any timing requirements relating to the provision of the notification described in paragraph (1) to such participant or beneficiary with respect to such item or service. Any modification made by the Secretary pursuant to the previous sentence may not result in the provision of such notification after such participant or beneficiary has been furnished such item or service. (B) Specified item or service defined For purposes of subparagraph (A), the term “specified item or service” means an item or service that has low utilization or significant variation in costs (such as when furnished as part of a complex treatment), as specified by the Secretary.


29 USC § 1185e(f)(2)

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