administrative costs

(1) Administrative costs The term “administrative costs” means expenditures incurred in the performance of administrative functions under the vocational rehabilitation program carried out under subchapter I, including expenses related to program planning, development, monitoring, and evaluation, including expenses for— (A) quality assurance; (B) budgeting, accounting, financial management, information systems, and related data processing; (C) providing information about the program to the public; (D) technical assistance and support services to other State agencies, private nonprofit organizations, and businesses and industries, except for technical assistance and support services described in section 723(b)(5) of this title ; (E) the State Rehabilitation Council and other advisory committees; (F) professional organization membership dues for designated State unit employees; (G) the removal of architectural barriers in State vocational rehabilitation agency offices and State operated rehabilitation facilities; (H) operating and maintaining designated State unit facilities, equipment, and grounds; (I) supplies; (J) administration of the comprehensive system of personnel development described in section 721(a)(7) of this title , including personnel administration, administration of affirmative action plans, and training and staff development; (K) administrative salaries, including clerical and other support staff salaries, in support of these administrative functions; (L) travel costs related to carrying out the program, other than travel costs related to the provision of services; (M) costs incurred in conducting reviews of rehabilitation counselor or coordinator determinations under section 722(c) of this title ; and (N) legal expenses required in the administration of the program.


29 USC § 705(1)

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