independent living services

(18) Independent living services The term “independent living services” includes— (A) independent living core services; and (B) (i) counseling services, including psychological, psychotherapeutic, and related services; (ii) services related to securing housing or shelter, including services related to community group living, and supportive of the purposes of this chapter and of the subchapters of this chapter, and adaptive housing services (including appropriate accommodations to and modifications of any space used to serve, or occupied by, individuals with disabilities); (iii) rehabilitation technology; (iv) mobility training; (v) services and training for individuals with cognitive and sensory disabilities, including life skills training, and interpreter and reader services; (vi) personal assistance services, including attendant care and the training of personnel providing such services; (vii) surveys, directories, and other activities to identify appropriate housing, recreation opportunities, and accessible transportation, and other support services; (viii) consumer information programs on rehabilitation and independent living services available under this chapter, especially for minorities and other individuals with disabilities who have traditionally been unserved or underserved by programs under this chapter; (ix) education and training necessary for living in a community and participating in community activities; (x) supported living; (xi) transportation, including referral and assistance for such transportation and training in the use of public transportation vehicles and systems; (xii) physical rehabilitation; (xiii) therapeutic treatment; (xiv) provision of needed prostheses and other appliances and devices; (xv) individual and group social and recreational services; (xvi) training to develop skills specifically designed for youths who are individuals with disabilities to promote self-awareness and esteem, develop advocacy and self-empowerment skills, and explore career options; (xvii) services for children; (xviii) services under other Federal, State, or local programs designed to provide resources, training, counseling, or other assistance, of substantial benefit in enhancing the independence, productivity, and quality of life of individuals with disabilities; (xix) appropriate preventive services to decrease the need of individuals assisted under this chapter for similar services in the future; (xx) community awareness programs to enhance the understanding and integration into society of individuals with disabilities; and (xxi) such other services as may be necessary and not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter.


29 USC § 705(18)

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