TAA-eligible individual

(4) Definitions For purposes of this subsection: (A) Nonelecting TAA-eligible individual The term “nonelecting TAA-eligible individual” means a TAA-eligible individual who— (i) has a TAA-related loss of coverage; and (ii) did not elect continuation coverage under this part during the TAA-related election period. (B) TAA-eligible individual The term “TAA-eligible individual” means— (i) an eligible TAA recipient (as defined in paragraph (2) of section 35(c) of title 26 ), and (ii) an eligible alternative TAA recipient (as defined in paragraph (3) of such section). (C) TAA-related election period The term “TAA-related election period” means, with respect to a TAA-related loss of coverage, the 60-day election period under this part which is a direct consequence of such loss. (D) TAA-related loss of coverage The term “TAA-related loss of coverage” means, with respect to an individual whose separation from employment gives rise to being an TAA-eligible individual, the loss of health benefits coverage associated with such separation.


29 USC § 1165(b)(4)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subsection
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