industry or sector partnership

(26) Industry or sector partnership The term “industry or sector partnership” means a workforce collaborative, convened by or acting in partnership with a State board or local board, that— (A) organizes key stakeholders in an industry cluster into a working group that focuses on the shared goals and human resources needs of the industry cluster and that includes, at the appropriate stage of development of the partnership— (i) representatives of multiple businesses or other employers in the industry cluster, including small and medium-sized employers when practicable; (ii) 1 or more representatives of a recognized State labor organization or central labor council, or another labor representative, as appropriate; and (iii) 1 or more representatives of an institution of higher education with, or another provider of, education or training programs that support the industry cluster; and (B) may include representatives of— (i) State or local government; (ii) State or local economic development agencies; (iii) State boards or local boards, as appropriate; (iv) a State workforce agency or other entity providing employment services; (v) other State or local agencies; (vi) business or trade associations; (vii) economic development organizations; (viii) nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, or intermediaries; (ix) philanthropic organizations; (x) industry associations; and (xi) other organizations, as determined to be necessary by the members comprising the industry or sector partnership.


29 USC § 3102(26)

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