Access Board

(1) There is established within the Federal Government the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board (hereinafter referred to as the “Access Board”) which shall be composed as follows: (A) Thirteen members shall be appointed by the President from among members of the general public of whom at least a majority shall be individuals with disabilities. (B) The remaining members shall be the heads of each of the following departments or agencies (or their designees whose positions are executive level IV or higher): (i) Department of Health and Human Services. (ii) Department of Transportation. (iii) Department of Housing and Urban Development. (iv) Department of Labor. (v) Department of the Interior. (vi) Department of Defense. (vii) Department of Justice. (viii) General Services Administration. (ix) Department of Veterans Affairs. (x) United States Postal Service. (xi) Department of Education. (xii) Department of Commerce. The chairperson and vice-chairperson of the Access Board shall be elected by majority vote of the members of the Access Board to serve for terms of one year. When the chairperson is a member of the general public, the vice-chairperson shall be a Federal official; and when the chairperson is a Federal official, the vice-chairperson shall be a member of the general public. Upon the expiration of the term as chairperson of a member who is a Federal official, the subsequent chairperson shall be a member of the general public; and vice versa.


29 USC § 792(a)(1)

Scoping language

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