(d)The term “miner” means any individual who works or has worked in or around a coal mine or coal preparation facility in the extraction or preparation of coal. Such term also includes an individual who works or has worked in coal mine construction or transportation in or around a coal mine, to the extent such individual was exposed to coal dust as a result of such employment. (e)The term “widow” includes the wife living with or dependent for support on the miner at the time of his death, or living apart for reasonable cause or because of his desertion, or who meets the requirements of section 416(c)(1), (2), (3), (4), or (5),1andsection 416(k) of title 42, who is not married. The determination of an individual’s status as the “widow” of a miner shall be made in accordance withsection 416(h)(1) of title 42as if such miner were the “insured individual” referred to therein. Such term also includes a “surviving divorced wife” as defined insection 416(d)(2) of title 42who for the month preceding the month in which the miner died, was receiving at least one-half of her support, as determined in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Secretary, from the miner, or was receiving substantial contributions from the miner (pursuant to a written agreement) or there was in effect a court order for substantial contributions to her support from the miner at the time of his death.


30 USC § 902(d)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subchapter
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