qualified borrower

(f)As used in this subchapter, the term “qualified borrower” means any public or private agency, institution, association, partnership, corporation, political subdivision, or other legal entity which (as determined by the head of the designated agency) has presented satisfactory evidence of an interest in geothermal resources and is capable of performing research or completing the development and production of energy in an acceptable manner. (g)With respect to any guaranty which is issued after, by, or in behalf of, any State, political subdivision, or Indian tribe and which is either guaranteed under, or supported by taxes levied by said issuer which are guaranteed under this subchapter and for which the interest paid on such obligation and received by the purchaser thereof is included in gross income for the purposes of chapter 1 of title 26, the Secretary of Energy shall pay to such issuer out of the fund established by this subchapter such portion of the interest on such obligations, as determined by the Secretary of Energy, in consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury, to be appropriated after taking into account current market yields (1) on obligations of such issuer, if any, or (2) on other obligations with similar terms and conditions, the interest on which is not so included in gross income for purposes of chapter 1 of title 26, and in accordance with such terms and conditions as the Secretary of Energy shall require in consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury. (h)The full faith and credit of the United States is pledged to the payment of all guaranties issued under this subchapter with respect to principal and interest. (i)The Secretary of Energy shall charge and collect fees for guaranties in amounts sufficient in his judgment to cover applicable administrative costs and probable losses on guaranteed obligations, but in any event not to exceed 1 per centum per annum of the outstanding indebtedness covered by each guaranty. Fees collected under this subsection shall be deposited in the fund established by this subchapter. (j)The Secretary of the Treasury shall insure to the maximum extent feasible that the timing, interest rate, and substantial terms and conditions of any guaranty exceeding $25,000,000 will have the minimum possible impact on the capital markets of the United States, taking into account other Federal direct and indirect commercial securities activities.


30 USC § 1141(f)

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As used in this subchapter
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