qualified hydrologic unit

(6) (A) Any State with an approved abandoned mine reclamation program pursuant to section 1235 of this title may receive and retain, without regard to the 3-year limitation referred to in paragraph (1)(D), up to 30 percent of the total of the grants made annually to the State under paragraphs (1) and (5) if those amounts are deposited into an acid mine drainage abatement and treatment fund established under State law, from which amounts (together with all interest earned on the amounts) are expended by the State for the abatement of the causes and the treatment of the effects of acid mine drainage in a comprehensive manner within qualified hydrologic units affected by coal mining practices. (B) In this paragraph, the term “qualified hydrologic unit” means a hydrologic unit— (i) in which the water quality has been significantly affected by acid mine drainage from coal mining practices in a manner that adversely impacts biological resources; and (ii) that contains land and water that are— (I) eligible pursuant to section 1234 of this title and include any of the priorities described in section 1233(a) of this title ; and (II) the subject of expenditures by the State from the forfeiture of bonds required under section 1259 of this title or from other States sources to abate and treat acid mine drainage.


30 USC § 1232(g)(6)

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