E Pluribus Unum

(2) Design requirements .— The $1 coins issued in accordance with paragraph (1)(A) shall meet the following design requirements: (A) Coin reverse .— The design on the reverse shall bear— (i) a likeness of the Statue of Liberty extending to the rim of the coin and large enough to provide a dramatic representation of Liberty while not being large enough to create the impression of a “2-headed” coin; (ii) the inscription “$1”; and (iii) the inscription “United States of America”. (B) Coin obverse .— The design on the obverse shall contain— (i) the name and likeness of a President of the United States; and (ii) basic information about the President, including— (I) the dates or years of the term of office of such President; and (II) a number indicating the order of the period of service in which the President served. (C) Edge-incused inscriptions.— (i) In general .— The inscription of the year of minting or issuance of the coin and the inscription “E Pluribus Unum” shall be edge-incused into the coin. (ii) Preservation of distinctive edge .— The edge-incusing of the inscriptions under clause (i) on coins issued under this subsection shall be done in a manner that preserves the distinctive edge of the coin so that the denomination of the coin is readily discernible, including by individuals who are blind or visually impaired. (D) Inscriptions of “liberty” .— Notwithstanding the second sentence of subsection (d)(1), because the use of a design bearing the likeness of the Statue of Liberty on the reverse of the coins issued under this subsection adequately conveys the concept of Liberty, the inscription of “Liberty” shall not appear on the coins. (E) Limitation in series to deceased presidents .— No coin issued under this subsection may bear the image of a living former or current President, or of any deceased former President during the 2-year period following the date of the death of that President. (F) Inscription of “in god we trust” .— The design on the obverse or the reverse shall bear the inscription “In God We Trust”.


31 USC § 5112(n)(2)

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