(1) Redesign beginning upon completion of prior program.— (A) In general .— Notwithstanding the fourth sentence of subsection (d)(1) and subsection (d)(2), quarter dollars issued beginning in 2010 shall have designs on the reverse selected in accordance with this subsection which are emblematic of the national sites in the States, the District of Columbia and the territories of the United States. (B) Flexibility with regard to placement of inscriptions .— Notwithstanding subsection (d)(1), the Secretary may select a design for quarter dollars referred to in subparagraph (A) in which— (i) the inscription described in the second sentence of subsection (d)(1) appears on the reverse side of any such quarter dollars; and (ii) any inscription described in the third sentence of subsection (d)(1) or the designation of the value of the coin appears on the obverse side of any such quarter dollars. (C) Inclusion of district of columbia, and territories .— For purposes of this subsection, the term “State” has the same meaning as in section 3(a)(3) of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act.


31 USC § 5112(t)()(1)

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For purposes of this subsection
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