unit of general local government

(2) (A) “unit of general local government” means— (i) a county (or parish), township, borough, or city (other than in Alaska) where the city is independent of any other unit of general local government, that— (I) is within the class or classes of such political subdivision in a State that the Secretary of the Interior, in his discretion, determines to be the principal provider or providers of governmental services within the State; and (II) is a unit of general government, as determined by the Secretary of the Interior on the basis of the same principles as were used by the Secretary of Commerce on January 1, 1983 , for general statistical purposes; (ii) any area in Alaska that is within the boundaries of a census area used by the Secretary of Commerce in the decennial census, but that is not included within the boundary of a governmental entity described under clause (i); (iii) the District of Columbia; (iv) the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; (v) Guam; and (vi) the Virgin Islands. (B) the term “governmental services” includes, but is not limited to, those services that relate to public safety, the environment, housing, social services, transportation, and governmental administration.


31 USC § 6901(2)

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