discrete segment

(D)In this paragraph, the term “discrete segment” means a physical portion of a water resources development project to be carried out, or separable element thereof— (i)described by a non-Federal interest in a written agreement required under paragraph (1)(A)(iii); and (ii)that the non-Federal interest can operate and maintain, independently and without creating a hazard, in advance of final completion of the water resources development project, or separable element thereof. (e)If a non-Federal interest notifies the Secretary that the non-Federal interest intends to carry out a project, or separable element thereof, under this section, the Secretary shall provide written notice to the Committee on Environment and Public Works of the Senate and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure of the House of Representatives concerning the intent of the non-Federal interest. (f)Whenever a non-Federal interest carries out improvements to a federally authorized harbor or inland harbor, the Secretary shall be responsible for operation and maintenance in accordance withif—


33 USC § 2232(d)(5)(D)

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