mass casualty event

(1) Definitions In this section: (A) Mass casualty event The term “mass casualty event” means an incident resulting in casualties to not fewer than 3 victims, including— (i) an incident that exceeds the normal resources for emergency response available in the jurisdiction where the incident takes place; and (ii) an incident that results in a sudden and timely surge of injured individuals necessitating emergency services. (B) Mass fatality event The term “mass fatality event” means an incident resulting in the fatalities of not fewer than 3 individuals at 1 or more locations close to one another with a common cause. (C) Mass shooting The term “mass shooting” means a multiple homicide incident in which not fewer than 3 victims are killed— (i) with a firearm; (ii) during one event; and (iii) in one or more locations in close proximity. (D) Exposed The term “exposed” includes— (i) directly experiencing or witnessing an event; or (ii) being subjected, in an intense way, to aversive consequences of the event (including a public safety officer collecting human remains). (E) Traumatic event The term “traumatic event” means, in the case of a public safety officer exposed to an event, an event that is— (i) a homicide, suicide, or the violent or gruesome death of another individual (including such a death resulting from a mass casualty event, mass fatality event, or mass shooting); (ii) a harrowing circumstance posing an extraordinary and significant danger or threat to the life of or of serious bodily harm to any individual (including such a circumstance as a mass casualty event, mass fatality event, or mass shooting); or (iii) an act of criminal sexual violence committed against any individual.


34 USC § 10281(o)(1)

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