tier II sex offender

(3)The term “tier II sex offender” means a sex offender other than a tier III sex offender whose offense is punishable by imprisonment for more than 1 year and— (A)is comparable to or more severe than the following offenses, when committed against a minor, or an attempt or conspiracy to commit such an offense against a minor: (i)sex trafficking (as described insection 1591 of title 18); (ii)coercion and enticement (as described insection 2422(b) of title 18); (iii)transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity (as described in) 1of title 18; (iv)abusive sexual contact (as described insection 2244 of title 18); (B)involves— (i)use of a minor in a sexual performance; (ii)solicitation of a minor to practice prostitution; or (iii)production or distribution of child pornography; or (C)occurs after the offender becomes a tier I sex offender.


34 USC § 20911(3)

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